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Are Jean Paul clarinets good quality?

by Tim Zenderman

Are Jean Paul clarinets good quality?

by Tim Zenderman

Today we are going to talk about 1 topic in a list of questions about the CL-300 and CL-400 clarinets and address them. 

1. If the Jean Paul USA Clarinets are good, how come it is so cheap? 

2. How come repair shops say that it is not good quality when compared to a Yamaha or Selmer. Is this true? 

3. Why is a Yamaha or Selmer student clarinet almost ten times the price of a Jean Paul USA Clarinet? 

Now when looking at these questions it is important to realize that although we are the manufacture, we are only presenting the facts as they are! Today we will answer question 1. 

So are the Jean Paul clarinets good quality? 

1. Nowadays the price of anything has a lot to say about the product you are getting. However, this is not always the case. Lets look at the facts:

Jean Paul USA CL-300 is made with ebonite and the Selmer Prelude CL711 is also made out of ebonite. The CL-300 costs $189.99 while the Prelude CL711 costs $409.00. Both the Jean Paul USA CL-300 and Prelude CL711 are made in China.

However one thing we do in our facility in Doral, Florida is have our team of technicians check each and every single clarinet to ensure only the best leaves our facility.  If any one tells you that the materials are different... that is simply not true! There keys are made with Nickle so to are the CL-300! We promise that there is no difference in quality or material. 

Now lets take a look at the CL-400 and compare it with the Yamaha YCL-255. So both are made out of ABS resin body. They both are  nickle plaited silver keys... again the material is exactly the same and are both made in China.  One is priced at $1,017.00 while the other one is priced at $359.95 need I say who? 

Also just as Yamaha has strict standards of quality control, so does Jean Paul USA (I'm not going to go into customer service)! Don't ask yourself why Jean Paul USA is such a great price, rather ask yourself why Yamaha and Selmer are so over priced! 


If you have any questions please reach out to us through our chat box or email us for a pretty quick response at, we are here for you! 



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