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Where To Buy a Trumpet

by Joshua Berdugo

Where To Buy a Trumpet

by Joshua Berdugo

Buying a trumpet is something that takes time and understanding. For example, where are you going to buy the trumpet? Online or in Store? what kind of trumpet are you looking for? How much are you willing to spend? How advanced is the person? Is it their first year or fifth year… these are all questions that need to be addressed but in this post we will be talking about the first question in detail.

Where to buy a trumpet?

There are multiple places to buy a trumpet... your local music store, samash, amazon, craigslist, websites, and etc…

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each place to give you a better idea about what each has to offer.

Your local music store

Now when it comes to a local music store, there is no better feeling in the world (at least to me) when I walk into a nice cozy music store. The workers truly cherish each customer and are there to make sure each customer is completely satisfied. They tend to be helpful and are always easy to get in contact with if you have any questions or issues due to focusing on one specific area of people. Now this does come with a fault.

  • Since local music stores are located in...well... stores, they tend to have a lot of expenses. This is something that all storefronts (not just music stores) are having a problem with. Due to this added expense of maintaining a store front. Prices will most the time be marked up higher than buying it in a larger music shop or online.
  • These music stores will only promote what they sell. That means you, as a customer, are limited to what they have to offer. So if they only sell expensive trumpets, then there is no point in talking to them about a beginner trumpet.
  • They are a third party seller. Imagine if you had an option of going to a company directly to by their instrument. It would most certainly be cheaper instead of you getting it from someone who does just that! That's exactly what music stores do, they buy it directly from the supplier, mark up the price and resell it to you. Now I’m not blaming them, I mean how else are they supposed to make money! But...wouldn’t it be better to go directly to the seller?

Big retail shops (guitar center and samash)

Places like these are extremely fun to go into and are like a musicians disney world. Their wide selection of products in almost every musical field is truly amazing and they have just about anything you will need. Cons:

  • As said above, they also have a storefront which is an added expense. BUT they probably do have price match.
  • For most of the products they are a third party seller and therefore they can’t pass below a certain price.
  • The biggest problem I hear from others is their customer service. I can walk into an empty samash music store and find that for some reason no one even approaches me to see if I need help on anything. I don't feel that customer importance that a small music shop offers. This is something to me that really affects my perspective when choosing a trumpet. I mean can I really trust these people to help me find an instrument?


Craigslist reminds me of a treasure hunt, you can find amazing things at an even more amazing price! At the same time you are taking a lot of risks… you can always take risks when looking to buy used products… you just don't know what you get and it's not like they'll give you a refund! I suggest bringing an expert when looking to buy such a sensitive instrument from craigslist or any place that sells used instruments.


The powerhouse in today’s modern market. As Stephen Colbert said, “where else are you going to buy at 4 in the morning a clarinet, tweezers and a comb” (Please correct me as I may be a little off with the quote). You can’t go wrong with the prices, free two day shipping, and free returns (most of the time). Amazon seems to be the best place to get whatever instrument you want at the best price and guaranteed returns. Cons: Just what instrument are you going to get? Amazon sells all type of instruments. From cheap toy trumpets  all the way to Yamaha and Bach trumpets, Amazon is a place that is easy to get lost in. Not having someone to talk to and direct you is something that can be troubling.You can’t feel the trumpet before you buy it.


Depending on what the website is (the owners, or a third party buyer). You can really get your bang for the buck. Dealing directly with the owners can often get you deals that third party merchants (yes, even amazon) can get you. Whether it be added accessories or an awesome coupon. I will tell you a secret… these third party merchants (yes even amazon) have something called map policy… this means that no matter how much they can discount the item. They can’t discount it past a certain number or else they will get in trouble from the merchant. Now go directly to the company and there is a bit more wiggle room. Con:

  • Well I can't speak for all companies but it's important for customers to see the company, see how they treat each customers, see their policies and more importantly their warranties. Most companies only offer a manufacture warranty. This means if something is wrong with the instrument only. Also check the time period for how long this manufacture lasts. Now, a lot of people don't check out what it exactly covers and end up getting burned. Other companies such as Jean Paul USA off a wear and tear warranty. This means that they will replace or fix the instrument for free. No questions asked (Yes, even if you break it).
  • You don’t get to hold the instrument. Make sure the company has a return policy of not satisfied. That way you really dont have to worry about this con.

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