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Instruments built to last a lifetime

Jean Paul USA wind instruments are built to perform, and last a lifetime. More and more people around the world are learning how to play with Jean Paul USA. Join the movement.


alto saxophone

The AS-400 Alto Saxophone is the brass lacquered version of our best-selling saxophone. It's the ideal saxophone for beginning and intermediate music students. It features even key action and placement that feels just right for band members.




The TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet is designed for players serious about improving and ready to upgrade to an intermediate level instrument. The rose brass lead pipe helps produce a richer and wider range of tones. And with an adjustable third trigger, it allows for a natural hand position and proper playing technique.




An elegant ebonite body with nickel keys, the Clarinet CL-300 boasts beautiful design and sound while maintaining a low price point - the perfect choice for band students and others learning to play the clarinet.




The Flute FL-220 is a beautifully constructed instrument that is easy to play and designed specifically for students who are beginner/intermediate flutist musicians. Power-forged keys ensure durability and even response make it an easy to play flute with great intonation.




The TR-330 Student Trumpet is the ideal trumpet for those looking to get started. It comes with a generous bore making it easy to play and hit notes accurately. The yellow brass lead pipe also helps produce well centered bright tones.



tenor saxophone

The Tenor Saxophone TS-400 is the perfect instrument for beginning and intermediate saxophone players. It features a beautiful yellow brass body, power forged keys, a strong bell brace for durability, and tapered pivot keys for ease of use.



tenor trombone

The Tenor Trombone TB-400 is the ideal instrument for beginning and intermediate Trombone players. A stunning yellow brass body construction, generous bore, and a light weight which lessens fatigue while playing.