Jean Paul Founders.

Our Story

We're a small, family-run, customer-obsessed business based out of sunny (and rainy!) Miami, FL. We opened our doors in 1994 as distributors for some of the world's big musical instruments manufacturers. Over time, we became strong partners with Yamaha and eventually became the biggest wholesalers of Yamaha musical instruments in Latin America!

We saw firsthand how hard it was for people to buy the instruments that we sold to retailers.

How could a parent justify spending $1,300 on a student saxophone (+ learning) to see if their child maybe ends up liking it!?

So we set out to change that.

We knew we could build a better instrument, geared towards student and intermediate players, with better customer support at a fair price. So anyone could play.

And in 2012, Jean Paul was born. We began manufacturing a student-level saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, and flute in China, selling on direct online sales channels (Costco and Amazon) to avoid the high markup costs associated with selling at brick-and-mortar stores, and keep our prices low. We quickly realized the importance of making final adjustments to each of the instruments at our Miami, FL headquarters and incorporated this into our company DNA. We got feedback from customers and music teachers, and continued iterating the production process to make our instruments better and better.

Solid customer support was always a foundational pillar of our small organization from the get-go. We treat our customers the way we'd like to be treated. It's as simple as that.

The rest is history. To keep prices low, we stuck to our guns and sold direct to consumer and online. Even when the market primarily bought and sold instruments at music shops. But eventually great things get shared. Some people tried out our instruments and saw first hand that you could get a great instrument, for a fraction of the price.

And in that way, open the door for anyone to play the instrument of their dreams.

Together, we can democratize music.