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This is my first time ever buying an instrument and I was very confused about everything but the customer service was so so sweet. I higher recommended this site foe anyone.

Kien V.

San Diego, CA


Brilliant, no flaws couldn’t be better

Thomas R.

Manchester, UK


I love my AS-400 saxophone, it’s beautifully finished with a rich tone and a fine sturdy carrying case. For the price, it can’t be beaten.

Mitch T.

Ontario, CAN


Great sound quality. Came to me tuned. Now I can finally get back into my music. Also the case is high quality. Love it!

Chelsy T.

Silver Spring, MD


Oh, if only I could play it as well as I know it can sound - or maybe as well as I used to play when I was much younger! But as I did then, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for a great value.

George C.

Sewickley, PA

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Quality at an affordable price

Purchased this for my grandson who is in a school jazz band! He is very particular! He tried several brands including the high priced saxophones! He was very happy with the Jean Paul alto saxophone

Excelente saxofón

Estoy muy satisfecho con el saxofón, solo mejoraria las felpas para que no haga ruido algunas llaves.

Excellent Saxophone

It's an excellent saxophone. For the price, it is an instrument that is really worth it. It has a fantastic sound and the mechanism is very soft and comfortable. 100% satisfied with my new saxophone.

Great starter trumpet!

Our teenager wanted to try the trumpet, and my nephew -- who is a high school band teacher -- recommended this one. We couldn't be happier with this product and this company! Beautiful instrument, great price. After about three months there was a problem with one of the valves, and the company immediately sent us a new one. EXCELLENT customer service! Highly recommend.

Excellent instrument

Beautiful saxophone and great company.

Great saxophone so far. I took the plunge after seeing several favourable reviews of Jean Paul and I am glad that I did. Whilst i don't have any experience with saxophones, my horn feels great and plays very well. I think the real shining light of the company is their customer service.

The team have been tremendous to deal with and I'd definitely come to them again for a future purchase.

Good Sounding Trumpet, Easy To Play

No complaints with the mechanical operating of the trumpet. However, the silver finish is sub-par. Buffing patterns can be seen throughout the silver finish when observing the trumpet up close. My older Selmer intermediate silver plated trumpet had a much better finish. The Finish does not in anyway affect the play-ability of the Jean Paul Trumpet. The trumpet has brilliant sound and fast moving valves. The gold accented valve caps is a nice touch along with the marvel looking valve buttons. All slides move very easily. Playing in the high registers are is easily obtained without the feeling of over-reaching.

Neck’s spring

After a month playing the sax, the neck’s spring started to lose tension.

TR860 silver

It is a beautiful trumpet. Easy to play, valves work well, sound is good and all for a fair price. I played an Olds Ambassador in high school that was stolen. I then purchased a used Conn Director that I did not play much after high school I'm getting back to playing after 48 years and wanted something nice to play.

Soprano Sax SS-860

The SS-860 soprano saxophone has a fantastic sound and the key action is what I expect from a professional soprano saxophone. The upper and lower register are well balanced. This saxophone players just as well or better than some of the sopranos that cost twice as much. This is a well design saxophone. The workmanship is very nice. I will give the SS-860 5 stars. Great job!!!!!

Amazing customer service

I purchased this trumpet for my middle school band student who is still learning to care for valuables. It is an excellent quality instrument with exceptional tone and sound. The best part of this purchase, however, has been the Jean Paul customer support team. Their quick response time, professionalism and attention to detail have made them the best customer service experience I have had in years. You can’t go wrong with a purchase from Jean Paul.

Alto Saxophone Care Kit

This Saxophone Care Kit was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality kit with everything that I needed to properly clean my saxophone. It was a pleasure doing business with Jean Paul.

The 10 year 860 lives

The horn is all that I expected it to be at this point I just got it and it takes time to get to know what it will do and won’t do. I’m happy to have it. I’ve said it before the proof of Jean Paul being a great horn it’s difficult to find a used one. No one sells them. I’ll write something else in a few weeks.

Love the flute so far! It seems to be a great value!

I think it is a great addition to my instrument collection apart from a few minor inconveniences with how the saxophone arrived ( octave loop was misaligned and octave key cork was missing) I think its an incredible saxophone for the price and im really looking forward to playing it more. I also want to add how much I love your company for the amazing good quality instruments you sell for an excellent affordable price.


As a jazz saxophonist, the Jean Paul saxophones ROCK ! I' m OVERJOYED and with my new ANNIVERSARY EDITION tenor silver finish with brass bell, feels WUNDERBAR, looks SPECTACULAR, and plays INCREDIBLY AWESOME ! 10 stars !
Booker T, saxophonist extraordinaire YouTube video placeholder
Jean Paul AS-400

Excellent horn. I don’t know much about saxophones since I’m a beginner, but it looks, feels, and plays excellent. Easy to purchase, shipped in mint condition.

Professional Alto Saxophone ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Alto Sax

The sax is a thing of great beauty and wonder. A little scared of it. Started online lessons and able to make sounds…. So far so good. Thanks, Jean Paul!!

Student Alto Saxophone

Perfect size for a child!

I bought this for my eight year old daughter, and it is the perfect size for her ! When I tested it, the sound is very clean and clear, and easy to play. I tried a size 2, 2.5, and 3 reeds, and I thought thinner reeds sounded better overall. I highly recommend this curved soprano saxophone for children with smaller hands, as the reach isn't as far as the alto sax. Thanks again!

It's ideal

I'm a 49 year-old who decided to finally start learning to play the tenor saxophone. I didn't want to buy an expensive professional sax, so I was quite drawn to Jean-Paul. I am quite pleased with how it's been sounding and would happily recomend it to others.

Coming back after 20 years

I was originally looking at used instruments after not playing for 20 years but wasn’t comfortable choosing a used horn after being away for so long. This fit the bill perfectly based on reviews and price. So far it’s been pretty easy to get back into and play. I’ve been very happy so far.


This instrument is just what I was looking for and the resonance is great. The third valve was a little sticky at first but nothing a good valve oil couldn't fix.


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