This is my first time ever buying an instrument and I was very confused about everything but the customer service was so so sweet. I higher recommended this site foe anyone.

Kien V.

San Diego, CA


Brilliant, no flaws couldn’t be better

Thomas R.

Manchester, UK


I love my AS-400 saxophone, it’s beautifully finished with a rich tone and a fine sturdy carrying case. For the price, it can’t be beaten.

Mitch T.

Ontario, CAN


Great sound quality. Came to me tuned. Now I can finally get back into my music. Also the case is high quality. Love it!

Chelsy T.

Silver Spring, MD


Oh, if only I could play it as well as I know it can sound - or maybe as well as I used to play when I was much younger! But as I did then, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for a great value.

George C.

Sewickley, PA

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Great Trumpet!

We ordered this trumpet for me a month ago....Jean Paul's T330 Trumpet shows you don't need an expensive Trumpet to sound good! I'm really amazed at this Trumpet. It comes with a 7C Mouthpiece (a great beginner's mouthpiece), which you can upgrade if you choose. Pair a high-quality Mouthpiece with this Trumpet, take care of the trumpet + the player behind the instrument, and you're good to go for quite some time. When you unbox this trumpet--and before you play it--it's recommend you oil the valves with high-quality valve oil, like the 'Blue Juice' line of Valve Oil (instead of using the valve oil that comes with the trumpet). The trumpet comes with instructions on maintenance/care of the trumpet. I plan on getting the Jean Paul's Flugelhorn in a few months.

So glad I went with a Jean Paul!

I sold my Selmer SA80 about four years prior to purchasing my Jean Paul Anniversary edition. I spent a significant amount of time looking at different brands, reading reviews, and watching demo videos. Dr. Wally and a few other youtubers brought my attention to the Jean Paul brand, and the pro level alto sax. In the end I decided to get a silver Anniversary Edition alto, and have played more in the last two weeks than in the previous 15 years combined! Easy blowing horn, and decent mouthpiece that comes with the horn.

However, I upgraded my mouthpiece set up, and now I'm *nearly* back to my old sound. Now if I can get my old technique back, well, let's see, but I can say that the horn will make that work easier with the smooth action throughout. The low end sounds nice, and up to high F# too. Can't speak to the altissimo range as my embouchure is not up to it, but working on overtones to get there is encouraging as the horn is much less resistant to overtone/long tone work than my old sax. This sax has me wanting to play again and doesn't get in the way of that by being hard to play with a nice tone or too much work to do difficult passages. My focus has been exclusively on the music and not the horn itself.

Thank you Jean Paul for creating a way for an adult enthusiast to get back to playing with a well built and great sounding horn at a reasonable price point.

Great sax!

I’ve been looking at tenor saxophones for a while no glad I came across the Jean Paul TS-400. It is a great sounding instrument at a very reasonable price. If you have shopped for these instruments you will find used models cost nearly as much and you will likely deal with rep adding, corking and adjustments. Why take the risk when such a great instrument is available.

Professional Trumpet Case

Wife is very happy

I bought this saxophone for my wife, who had wanted a saxophone for 10 yrs. I played alto saxophone back in school and I was amazed that after all these years I was able to get a good tone from your instrument while trying to show her how the instrument works. So far she is enjoying it and everything looks great.

One of my best saxophone purchases.

I own a Yamaha YAS 62-iii, it is a solid alto but I wanted to pick up tenor so I shopped around. Saw this brand and decided to give it a shot and was not disappointed at all. Plays like a Yamaha YTS Custom Z but at a 3rd of the price. Solid case with no wiggle room, saxophone sounds smooth and easy to play. Definitely will be buying from Jean Paul USA here on out, their quality is right up there with Yamaha but significantly cheaper. If you're looking for a horn that isn't one of the well-known brands (Yamaha, Selmer, Yanigisawa) but can still keep up, I highly recommend Jean Paul USA's intermediate to professional line.

Student Alto Saxophone

Quality Intermediate Saxophone

This is a great looking saxophone and I think the price is as well. It arrived within a week, the packing was very good. I would love to give a 5 star rating but I’ve asked three times to please send me the missing neck strap and they promised it would be mailed that day. I’ve been waiting for the neck strap since January 4th. Secondly, I questioned why my TS-660 is labelled TS-600? They informed me that some of their instruments are mislabelled.

Love it!!

It had been 48 years since I played trumpet and my original could not be brought back to good working condition. So I did some research on intermediate trumpets and Jean Paul rose to the top. The customer service and order process was great. I absolutely love this trumpet. It plays very well and has a great tone. And not only that... the price was right. Job well done, Jean Paul!!

Student Alto Saxophone

Above and beyond—A+ product, A+ support

Background: We wanted to buy a sax for our son —replacing the Yamaha we had been renting from school —but quickly realized how expensive and overwhelming the whole process could be.
I knew enough not to steer clear of many of the ultra-cheap, “disposable” saxes found on Amazon and in many of the big-box retailers but I also didn’t have thousands to throw around at will.

I read all the reviews, watched the videos, got advice from his teachers and local service techs and endured many failed attempts at finding something among the various auction/resale sites.

By the time I learned about Jean Paul I was skeptical (to say the least) but I was running out of time. I decided to just pull the trigger and I couldn’t be more grateful for doing so.

First of all, the sax itself—by all accounts so far—is incredible in terms of build quality, feel, sound, etc.

I’m not talking about “good for the price.” This is flat-out a great saxophone that does nothing to stand in the way of anything anyone at any level would throw at it. Full stop.

More to the point, I was buying this for my son, still a student. And though he’s very passionate and committed to playing he’s (like any student) just as easily discouraged as encouraged by the tools he’s given.
So, whatever I got him had to be durable, reliable, easy to maintain/fix. It also had to encourage good technique, be easy to play, capable of growing with him (rather than be an obstacle to his growth)…without maxing out my credit card and, of course, look “awesome.”

Jean Paul checked all these boxes and more.

Beyond the sax itself, however, what impressed us the most were the people behind the product.

At EVERY step of the process and through multiple challenges, we received the level of support I’ve only ever heard of old-timers bragging about “back in the day.”
It became very clear, very quickly, that these folks are more “family” than “company” and proud of what they’re doing. They give a crap about what they’re selling and the people they’re selling it to.

Tim, Carlos, Mario —the whole Jean Paul team—went above and beyond to stay in touch (personal calls, zoom meetings, emails, videos) and address any concern.
Over the holidays no less—while filling countless orders and trying to be with family themselves.

I’m just one guy, buying one sax for one kid but the Jean Paul team understood just how much it meant to us and made us feel like we were their only customer.

We’re team Jean Paul all the way now and letting everyone know it.
God knows if my son will ever picks up a “Yama-Markisawa Pro VI” or whatever’s argued to be the “rarest/bestest/most-expensive” sax years from now but I’m sure he’ll still be playing (and loving) this sax.
Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your criteria, if it’s something sold on this website—go for it. You’ll be grateful you did—they’ll make sure of it.

TS-400 Student Tenor plays like a pro horn

Ordered with two-day air delivery on a Tuesday and horn arrived as expected on the following Thursday. This sax was setup very well and plays great right out of the case. I've played Alto for over 50 years and always wanted a Tenor, but it had to be a quality instrument at an affordable price. This is the one! Love it!

Great looking and sounding horn

I haven’t played the trumpet in years but I can say this is one of the nicest horns I’ve played for the money.

Review For Professional Alto Saxophone ANNIVERSARY EDITION

I am parent who bought this professional tenth anniversary edition alto saxophone for my son at the recommendation of his private teacher MR. DOUGLAS LIRA. He says my son is a Mircle student and part of the orchestra who learns quickly. I would say MR. LIRA is a Mircle TEACHER and ORCHESTRA CORDINATOR for our huge Church. He has thousands and thousands of followers of Brazilians, Indians and International origin. He has recently played NATIONAL ANTHEM on NATIONAL TV for Phoenix Suns v/s Washington Wizards basketball game(12-28-2022) He has praised Jean Paul saxophones and compared it to big brands after testing this saxophone himself. He plans to have large orchestra and plans to recommend your instruments to all students. My son is enjoying the saxophone, its beautiful looking and sounds like any big brands. I would recommend you get in touch with MR. LIRA, as he is already promoting your instruments. If you need his contact, I will give it to you, but I will have to ask his permission. I thank him for recommending this great instrument and thank you for making affordable yet comparable to big brand instruments.

Great value for price

It met all my expectations. Many good reviews on this student alto sax found online are actually true.

Exceeded my expectations!!!

I'm brand new to saxophone and I done a lot of research and video watching before deciding on an instrument. I can honestly say I am completely satisfied with my Jean Paul AS-400. The more I'm learning from my class, the more I want to play it. A quality saxophone for my hard earned money and super folks to do business with. Set up and attention to detail when it arrived straight out the box was perfect. I will definitely be doing more business with them!

Student Tenor Saxophone

Amazing sound

The sound on the tenor sax is wonderful and the customer service is terrific! We had a little problem with a damaged part but it was resolved immediately and we plan to order an alto next.

Great saxophone

My Christmas present was this beautiful silver plated tenor sax. I played clarinet a few decades ago and now I am getting back to playing. Loving the feel and sound of this model. I may not be great at this time but in time I will be good again! I am getting lots of compliments on the sax so far. You will not be disappointed if you buy this sax.

Great Intermediate SaxGreat setup tight out of

Great set up right out of the box. Fully playable and great sound I love it.

Student Flute
Sungjin C.
Excellent flute

Pitch is very accurate and sound is excellent!!

Son loves his new soprano sax!

My son plays the alto and bari sax, and loves the new addition of a great sounding soprano!

I made the right choice…..

I thoroughly researched trumpets available for beginners, intermediate and comeback players. I read numerous reviews, watched videos in which Jean Paul trumpets were test-played by accomplished players. I also took into consideration comments from customers who had engaged Jean Paul customer support. I cannot be happier with my purchase of the TR-430 intermediate trumpet and the support available at Jean Paul. I made the right choice.

Buen instrumento

El envío fue bueno y rápido, recibimos una oferta muy buena para envíos internacionales, requerimos soporte al poco tiempo y fue muy bueno.