This is my first time ever buying an instrument and I was very confused about everything but the customer service was so so sweet. I higher recommended this site foe anyone.

Kien V.

San Diego, CA


Brilliant, no flaws couldn’t be better

Thomas R.

Manchester, UK


I love my AS-400 saxophone, it’s beautifully finished with a rich tone and a fine sturdy carrying case. For the price, it can’t be beaten.

Mitch T.

Ontario, CAN


Great sound quality. Came to me tuned. Now I can finally get back into my music. Also the case is high quality. Love it!

Chelsy T.

Silver Spring, MD


Oh, if only I could play it as well as I know it can sound - or maybe as well as I used to play when I was much younger! But as I did then, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for a great value.

George C.

Sewickley, PA

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My granddaughter really happy with it. A vast improvement over her old clarinet she says

Intermediate Alto Saxophone

A great horn over my expectation

Have this for one week. It is one of the best saxophone based on this price. With mother of pearl and blue stainless needle. Both of pearl and blue stainless are standard on Yamaha 62 and above. But Jean Paul made them on TS 400. A great value with great sound.

Student Trumpet
Christina P.

Student Trumpet

Great sax

I now have an alto, tenor and soprano from Jean Paul. Could not be happier with the purchases.



Gave it to a friend who has played trumpet for years and he really liked it, it was even really easy for someone like me, who never played trumpet, to pick up and learn.

Best for Beginners to Intermediate

I just bought a 2nd one because it's just that good. The upgraded mouthpiece has been wonderful for both of my sons, which came standard with the silver package. It has allowed them to focus more on the keys instead of struggling with trying to blow. (Beginners that quit usually do so because they can't blow well and then get discourage.) This mouthpiece has allowed them to play confidently from the very start and has made all of the difference.

The sax itself sounds beautiful and has a nice, rich tone. It also looks beautiful with its silver plating and mother-of-pearl keys, which really makes it stand out.

Student Trumpet
Michael S.
Daughter got first chair with this!

My daughter has been playing trumpet for around four years now. She is in a homeschool band that is hosted by a local private college. That got her invited into a local public school honor band for high school students. I believe ten different schools were invited, and out of that, there were twelve trumpet players that included students up to twelfth grade. Using the $199 base model trumpet, she got first chair over all the other trumpet players! She is only in ninth grade (and has braces, lol!). She is a fantastic player, but even with that, it shows this trumpet isn't overhyped. A professional world-class trumpet player (He has a doctorate in music, and I found out some of his recorded music is now the standard other players are compared to) was the trumpet judge for this competition, and he picked this trumpet and player over the others using more expensive instruments.

I also play trumpet, and I use a King Silverstar that retails around $1700. I prefer hers to mine, and I am looking at the professional Jean-Paul trumpet for both us now.

The trumpet has never given us any trouble, and the valves and slides have worked great. The band director that auditioned her played this instrument (he owns an old Bach trumpet he uses professionally), and commented the intonation is good all the way into the higher register. It was also better than another F Schmidt trumpet we were auditioning as an upgrade (Supposedly a $2k trumpet that compares to Bach's, but there is no way). He didn't care for my King trumpet either when he tried it, lol! :)

Don't let the name throw you off. Quality doesn't require a lot of brand recognition or markup. Good job Jean-Paul!

A disappointment

I received an AS400 as a birthday present. The tone of the instrument was fantastic even with the low end mouthpiece. However the low D and below notes were all very flat by 15+ cents. The sax also had a few sticky keys. I also noticed that the lower key guard was scuffed as if it had been used. I contacted Jean Paul support and they said that it was normal to have sticky keys. They said they didn't reship returned items so they didn't know how the key guard got scuffed and could I take a picture for them. They requested that I schedule a Zoom call with a tech to investigate the flat notes. While getting the sax set up for pictures I also noticed some plier marks on the same key guard and that the side F key was bent. That was enough for me so I just returned the instrument. I assume that vast majority of AS400s are high quality but mine was not.

Sorry to hear about the missed expectations Jeff! You're covered by the 1-yr warranty, so let us know if you'd like and we can exchange the instrument for a new one.

Great value

This saxophone can play in tune with no issues, and didn’t have any pads with leaks. It had two sticky pads but I was able to easily fix that. The case is high quality and the saxophone doesn’t move around when in the case. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Intermediate Tenor Saxophone


Nice saxo to start with.

Golden Tone

The horn is excellent, plays great out the case needs no repairs!!!!!! I’m going to buy another!

Fantastic Horn

I ordered my horn through Amazon. It arrived quickly. Out of the box the 2nd valve was stuck almost solid, the 1st and 3rd valves were very slow. I tried oiling them; the 1st and 3rd valves were better, but the 2nd was still stuck.
I immediately sent this one back to Amazon for a REPLACEMENT. I liked the look and feel of this horn, so was hoping for a better one.
The new one arrived two days later. I've been playing it for over a month now without any trouble what-so-ever. Valves are smooth and responsive, and the tone is remarkable. I recommend the Jean Paul Trumpets to anyone that wants a superior instrument at a very reasonable price.


Beautiful trumpet. Great sound. I made the right choice!

Review: Alto Saxophone Care Kit

The Care Kit that came with the AS-400 Alto Saxophone is great! The only thing I needed to buy after I received it was a Sax Stand. Being a newcomer to the Sax world, it never crossed my mind until it arrived. I love the Horn and taking care of it is priority #1.

PN Freeman
NW, Florida.

Student Flute
Kathryn S.

My daughter fell in love with this right out of the box. Amazing quality and sound!

Awesome instrument at a great price point

I bought a Jean Paul instrument because they are well known for top-notch customer service, but I haven't needed any extra attention since I got my tenor. It's a super-solid instrument that needed no tweaking to start playing it right out of the box! It has a nice finish, solid valve operation, and is just fun to play! For well under $1000, I doubt you can do as well anywhere. A superb sax for anyone who wants a great instrument that's also a great value. Not to push the value argument too hard, but of course if you have thousands to spend and want a top-notch instrument there are other choices, but wow, this one is a solid, functional, reliable instrument that sounds great.

i love it

very good

Seller 5 starsssss*****

Awesome sax

After picking-up the sax after 27 years I have been very happy with my recent purchase of the Jean Paul USA alto sax. I am from Australia, and confirmed with the service team that if I need repairs they will allow me to go to a local repair shop and fix things under warranty as there are no Jean Paul service centres here. Communications with the team has been excellent, and they followed up with me after registering the purchase to see how things were going. I received the saxophone within a week of placing the order also. Highly recommended!

Jean Paul AS-400 Saxophone Review

I'm a beginner on the saxophone. I thought the AS-400 may have been a little too much horn for me when I ordered it but I didn't want to invest in a horn that would be living in a closet after after picking up the basics so I took a chance on the intermediate AS-400. That turned out to be one of my better decisions! It only took a few days to get comfortable with the horn, and I love the sound of it as well as the low/high range of notes I can get out of it. This saxophone is a keeper. When I graduate to Tenor, I'll be buying it from Jean Paul.
P Freeman, Florida

I play the alto sax 400 professionally

Ive played professionally for 35 years. This horn is full of pleasant surprises, nuances and exciting timbre movements. I love these horns completely and will never play anything else. No horn has come close to anything my Jean Paul AS400 can do.


Least I expected the consignment to reach my door step with 9days from Miami without any hassle, I will sum it up with the word “Professionalism"