This is my first time ever buying an instrument and I was very confused about everything but the customer service was so so sweet. I higher recommended this site foe anyone.

Kien V.

San Diego, CA


Brilliant, no flaws couldn’t be better

Thomas R.

Manchester, UK


I love my AS-400 saxophone, it’s beautifully finished with a rich tone and a fine sturdy carrying case. For the price, it can’t be beaten.

Mitch T.

Ontario, CAN


Great sound quality. Came to me tuned. Now I can finally get back into my music. Also the case is high quality. Love it!

Chelsy T.

Silver Spring, MD


Oh, if only I could play it as well as I know it can sound - or maybe as well as I used to play when I was much younger! But as I did then, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for a great value.

George C.

Sewickley, PA

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Great Customer Service

We had an issue with our new clarinet (not a Jean Paul issue) and Jean Paul took care of the issue with no problems. Great to work with. I will buy from this company again.

Nice horn

Newbie to sax. I think it will be a fine instrument for learning!

Excellent instrument + Value

I'm primarily a clarinet player, but I played saxophone 3 years in college jazz band. Was looking for a cheap second-hand instrument when I came across Saxologic's review of the instrument, and I'm wowed at the quality of instrument that was delivered. It has really good intonation across the instrument, especially when crossing the break, which is generally an issue I've had with student saxes. The tone is remarkably even as well going up to altissimo. I'm running a classical setup, and the instrument seems perfectly fine for that purpose. Considering that it's cheaper than a majority of student saxes and plays as well or better than many intermediate saxes— it's a 100% recommendation from me!

Beat my expectations

My son just started playing saxophone. We are renting to own a Yamaha Yas 200. I wanted to get back into playing again but his saxophone did not work for me since I last played a Selmer Mark VII. I messed up 24 years ago and sold that. I had looked at several reviews for these Jean Paul saxophones and I decided to pull the trigger. I bought the silver plated instrument and was very impressed with the speed of shipment and the quality of the packaging. When I opened the case I was awed at the pristine beauty of the saxophone. I immediately started playing it. I was impressed with the ease of play, the action of the keys, and once I got my old chops back, the sound quality from top to bottom. It is not my old Mark VII but it is much better than my son's Yamaha beginner saxophone which costs $1,300 used. I will soon be buying another of these, the laquered brass, for my son. I am so impressed that I am sure we will be getting a tenor within the next year or two, maybe a baritone eventually. I just wish Jean Paul would sell a straight soprano. In the end I am extremely impressed with the quality of this saxophone and would have no problem playing it in a semi-peofessional jazz ensemble like I used to.

Happy to hear you're enjoying the alto Jason! Re: Soprano - Stay tuned, we've got something coming very very soon (before BF). :)

Good saxophone

I've bought 2 as400 saxes, and 1 tenor, the tenor got stolen on delivery. So I can't do a loved these. I played for 12 years in elementary through high school / college. This sax plays e perfectly in tune. Very easy to play, low and high. I have Parkinson's, so it's difficult to move, even I sound good with this sax

Student Flute
Student flute

The first flute I received did not play right with one of the keys not closing completely making several notes unplayable. I received a quick replacement which was great! The new flute arrived and played wonderfully for the first 2.weeks. I have since needed to take it to a local repair person 2 times for the same issue with the same key not closing properly making it impossible to play several notes. Being that she uses her flute everyday for band at school this had been a huge inconvenience. I am disappointed with this instrument overall but unfortunately we are outside the 30 day return period....

Great Horn!

This is a great tenor saxophone! First off, I wanna say that the shipping was so fast! I got it in 3 business days. That was really awesome, because I was dying to try it out. I’ve had this horn for about a month and in the month that I’ve had it, it’s been incredible! Of course, I upgraded the mouthpiece to my personal mouthpiece, and I’m sure the stock mouthpiece is fine, but with my mouthpiece it sounds awesome! The key action is awesome, it is very satisfying clicking down the keys. The pads are nice, it has a high F# key. THE CASE!! Oh my goodness, the case is wonderful! It is very well made and put together. This case WILL protect your saxophone. And it has places for storage, inside the case and outside the case. It also comes with backpack straps, which I love! Cosmetically, this is a beautiful horn. It has the nice Jean Paul logo on the bell, and a smaller logo on the neck. It is a very very beautiful horn. For 700$, you simply can not beat this horn. They don’t make horns this good, for that price. But Jean Paul has done it! 10/10 recommend for ANY player, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional. I love this horn man.

Great buy

Great horn. Had my doubts after having Yamaha tenor and soprano which I love, I was looking for an Alto to add to my collection.but didn't want to pay as much. Took a chance on Jean Paul. Wow! Im not disappointed. Nice smooth key play and it stays in tune. Loving it.

Another Satisfied Buyer

Playable right out of the box! Even with a weak embouchure. I was maybe an intermediate player 20 years ago. Starting to pick up the horn again.


Suuuuper contento con esta máquina As-860

Buena afinación y ergonomia,aún lo sigo probando y ver más adelante.

Genuinely impressed by the quality of the horn, as well as the sturdiness of the case.

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Love it. Sound of play is fuller due to Jean Paul Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.

Excellent value for money

I finally decided to fulfil my old dream of learning the sax, and after a careful research I purchased the JP AS400. I have to say that I love my sax, the sound, the quality and the details are excellent and the customer service was second to none. My only suggestion would probably be to try a different gold tone as is pretty shiny yellow. Not a big deal but I would love to see an unlaquered, vintage or even black one…
I live in Australia so It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but when it did, it was in great conditions.Now I am seriously considering getting a tenor.

I like my TS400 but...

First off, this sax for the most part is great for the price but I noticed the small inlayed button amid the larger inlayed buttons has very little tension on it and flops a bit and the mouthpiece is a tad unresponsive but for the money still not so bad and last of all my manual said that I should have a swab but the JP guy said he was sorry but my manual was an old manual and they no longer have that listed in the new manual...well, its not a deal breaker but "Tell it like it is"; Bottom line is, its a great sax for the money.


This is a very nice horn. It is well built and not at all like many "cheap" instruments that are made and sold. Both quality and pride are evident in the TB400 Trombone and the people that represent Jean Paul Wind Instruments. The customer service is outstanding. I ordered this horn from amazon and it came with two small dents in the bell, due to the mouthpiece not being secured in the case. I contacted the Jean Paul Company directly and not only did I receive a phone call from Tim, one of their representatives, less then 48 hours later, but he shipped me another brand new horn which I recieved 3 days later. He also continually texted and emailed me to update me on the status and also provided me the tracking number as well. He also provided the return shipping label to return the damaged horn. I just simply took it to a CVS store and dropped it off for UPS to pick up and ship back to them. He then made sure i was completely satisfied with the brand new one they quickly shipped to me. He also updated my warranty information for me. This company has impressed me with both the product they provide and the personal service they extend to their customers. The horn sounds and plays very good and again is very well built. The case it comes in is also sturdy, attractive and effective in keeping the trombone protected and transported with confidence. I am most pleased with this instrument and the company that stands behind it.

Great Horn

I was watching Jay Metcalf review three saxophones. Yamaha, Jean Paul and a complete off brand I've never heard of. The Jean Paul came out on top. I immediately ordered one, received it a week ago Saturday and it's amazing. I'm a professional player and at 69 years (been playing for 59 years) old began playing in a very excellent R&B band. I was playing tenor and wanted to include an Alto as well. The one I had was not getting it done. But, this Jean Paul is wonderful. Even though it's an intermediate student sax, it will do the job at any gig you want to play,amateur or professional, it's an amazing saxophone.

Excellent Value, Excellent Service

I purchased the new addition to the Jean Paul line, the Alto Sax AS860 Professional after seeing the YouTube review by Dr Wally Wallace. I play professionally and was looking for a horn to carry me over while having my Selmer Super Action Series II refurbished. Given the price difference between other professional horns and the AS860 I was a bit skeptical regarding the claim of "Professional" horn. To my surprise, the ergonomics, intonation and key action rivaled my $4,500 Selmer. More good news, the service is exemplary. The first horn I received arrived with one of the soldered posts holding the low Bb cage separated. I reported the issue using their website. The next day Ken (yes, first name basis) called me personally and immediately put into motion shipping me (by second day air) a replacement and emailed me a prepaid label for return of the broken horn. All done at their cost. I requested they go over the replacement horn really well. Carlos, the tech guy, sent me a video of him checking out the horn. Four days latter I received the new horn all in great working order. I doubt you would receive this kind of service from the companies selling Professional horns at 3 to 4 time the price. Two things I would like to see improved are, a better case as the horn moves within the case. (Ken said they are working on that), and to have the AS860 Model Number engraved on the horn. Ken told me you can call the factory to verify the horn is an AS860 using the serial number. Excellent value, Excellent Service. I highly recommend the purchase.

Great price!

I did a some research, watching YouTube videos, and asking my local music shop before settling down on Jean Paul. It's been a very long time since I've played any woodwind (I've played the clarinet). It sounds great playing and easy to play. Although, I am having a little trouble with the Octave Key going from an octave to the lower key, but that could be due to my embouchure. Also it would be nice for a body and neck swab to help clean after every practice. Overall it's a great price for wanting to learn how to play an instrument and not break the bank.

I love it

My first ever sax. Sounds like a professional level horn! Also, I picked up my sax from the warehouse. They stayed an hour after closing until I got there. Excellent customer service. 10/10

Super awesome!

I love this horn!!! I'm a music teacher, and this is my favorite instrument; so fun and easy to play around with. My only regret is that I simply don't have enough time to spend with it. Thank you! Please send 2 more just like it :)


Las llaves para pasar de c a eb tienen una parte donde es filoso , ese es el único inconveniente, fuera de eso el instrumento se escucha perfecto

Great sax!

Since I’m from Europe it was a bit stressful to purchase something abroad. The staff of Jean Paul were very kind when answering all my questions. I play now on this saxophone in the band of my college and I haven’t regret it for a second!


Words can't describe how amazing this sax was! The low notes were great and so were the highs! This is practically a dream horn!

The solid 4.5 became a 5 Star.

I was thrilled when the horn came and I began playing it, however I discovered that there was a growl in the lower E and D. Nothing else had the same problem and I was impressed over all. I even purchased a new mouthpiece before the horn arrived as Jay Metcalf said it was acceptable but a better mouthpiece would be advantageous, and with the supplied reed it didn't help.

After I got a new reed (VanDoren, if you must know - 2.5) with the shipped mouthpiece the sound went away and I was a happy camper. But the story isn't over yet.
When I put the new reed on the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece I became an instant fan of Jean Paul saxophones. Honestly, it in many ways is easier to play than my Yanigasawa pro model saxophone that I paid over $3000.00 for about 10 years ago. I'm almost afraid to play the Yani now.
The company responded to my email with the first problem and kept following up until I found the solution. Also an impressive level of service along with the quality.

I am awaiting a package to drop out of the sky with another $3000.00 in it so that I can order my dream horn, a Baritone saxophone; It will definitely be a Jean Paul if it ever happens.