This is my first time ever buying an instrument and I was very confused about everything but the customer service was so so sweet. I higher recommended this site foe anyone.

Kien V.

San Diego, CA


Brilliant, no flaws couldn’t be better

Thomas R.

Manchester, UK


I love my AS-400 saxophone, it’s beautifully finished with a rich tone and a fine sturdy carrying case. For the price, it can’t be beaten.

Mitch T.

Ontario, CAN


Great sound quality. Came to me tuned. Now I can finally get back into my music. Also the case is high quality. Love it!

Chelsy T.

Silver Spring, MD


Oh, if only I could play it as well as I know it can sound - or maybe as well as I used to play when I was much younger! But as I did then, I’ll keep practicing. Thanks for a great value.

George C.

Sewickley, PA

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Intermediate Clarinet

It is a wonderful Sax!!

I ordered the Silver intermediate Alto saxophone and I love it. It is so very beautiful, and it sounds great. The low and high notes sound awesome, I really love it. The case it comes in is also very handy and nice. The case has straps so it’s easy transport. Overall I love it and it is great for any sax player.

Cumple con toda mi expectativa

Muy buen instrumento, muy ergonomico, muy satisfecho con la compra

Excellent saxophone

My son absolutely loves his new saxophone. He keeps going in and on about how great it is.


Looks great and is just beautiful. First lesson is next week when I will be able to provide more feedback.


I am a beginner playing saxophone, but my life became more easier, after I upgraded my sax! Thank you Jean Paul USA. Your alto sax is superb !! From the case ( high quality) to the saxophone, everything perfect 👏👏👏👏

overall good instrument

My son is 10 and switching from clarinet to sax. He says that initially the keys are stiff and harder to play than the rental he tried, but otherwise a good instrument.

Great instrument

Very well built instrument. My only complaint Is the mouthpiece that it comes with.
It's really bad, but other than that, it's a solid instrument.

Intermediate Trumpet
Christopher G.
TR-430S - Silky Smooth

I could not be happier with my new Jean Paul TR-430S. The valves are silky smooth the finish is beautiful and the articulation is spot on. During college I played a Schilke and while that was eons ago, this new Jean Paul is everything I remember my Schilke to be.
My next purchase will be the Jean Paul Flugalhorn.

Great job Jean Paul!

Great sounding horn!!

Love the Jean Paul tenor saxophone! It came highly recommended from Bob Boyce as a great horn to step up from my alto and doesn’t disappoint!! The only concern was the stock mouthpiece, but that was easily remedied by a trip to my music store!


Ready to play right out of the box! Great key placement and action. My Meyer 5 doesn’t seem to project - - I’m going to try other mouthpieces to see if it’s the horn or the set-up. Really glad I bought it. Recommended

Nice Horn

I like this Tenor. The sound is rich and warm, more fun and really easy to play. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to take a chance on it. Tim at costumer service is good at returning emails if you have any questions. The sax case is too big for me to use the backpack option, but that's okay, I only take the Alto outside. I gave it 4 stars because nothing anywhere is ever perfect ;))

Daughter going into high school loving her new trumpet!

Great customer service

Got my new tenor a week or so ago and thought it sounded great but after a few days my upper octave key seem like it wasn't functioning correctly. Although I was instructed to have a zoom call with a technician I had already brought to my local sax repair expert here in Boston. They made a couple of adjustments charged me $25 and I was good to go. Jean Paul immediately refunded the cost of the repair and followed up to make sure everything was working well. So I have nothing but the best things to say about both the instrument and the service

Great bargain.

Great saxophone for the money. You couldn’t ask for anything better I don’t think. The customer service is top notch as well.

Excelent i love it.
I Just want to say thank you so much for my sax

Great Horn. Great People

Excellent horn. Great sultry, sexy, sound. Great team at Jean Paul

I’m really enjoying to play this sax. It’s the best for me right now!

Amazing Horn

This horn is awesome. There's NO better horn at this value. The price is UNMATCHED‼️🎷

Intermediate Alto Saxophone


Beautiful trumpet. My son has been playing it almost every day. Don’t see why spend thousands of dollars on a trumpet. Recommend to anyone looking for a quality trumpet.

Great trombone!

I got this trombone and i really like it. I wasn't expecting it to have an F attachment because the picture doesn't show one but I'm very happy it does. Very fun to play and feels high quality

Student Clarinet
Joshua B.

My son got a Jean Paul clarinet at Christmas and while playing it at school a key broke. We contacted Jean Paul and the work with us efficiently and professionally and the issue was resolved. Good product and great customer service.

Student Trumpet
Connie O.
Thanks for the service!

Great starter trumpet for my 9 year old son. We had an issue with a valve after only 5 months of having it but after a quick FaceTime call the tech knew immediately that it was my son’s error for putting it back together incorrectly. So glad it was an easy fix. Thanks for the support. That is much more important than you know!

Great after sale support

One of the little springs on my CL400 clarinet slips from its sport. Since I am sight impaired, I did not see it. When I wrote to support about problem, they were so very helpful. Once they recognized the problem, they asked me to have it repaired and they would reimburse me as it was a minor matter. I went to a local professional jazz saxophone player who was rumoured to repair saxophones (I live far from anything resembling a music shop). He fixed it in less than a minute, and then spent 15 looking over my clarinet, running his fingers as if playing (he did not attached the mouth piece). He kept commenting how smooth the fingering was. His instruments cost thousands of dollars, mine did not. It was fixed in no time, no charge, and now I have had a professional musician praise my choice in instrument.