Professional Alto Saxophone


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Perfect intonation and comfortable keywork - the alto to take your playing to the next level.

Key Eb
Springs Blue stainless steel
Pads Pisoni
Aux. Keys High F#
Thumb rest Adjustable
Body Material Yellow brass
Decoration Elaborate hand engravings through body, bell, and neck.
Key buttons Mother of pearl
Mouthpiece AS-4
Finish AS-860 Golden Brass Lacquer
Finish AS-860S Silver-Plated

Everything you need to get started:

  • 1 AS-860 Alto Saxophone or AS-860S Alto Saxophone Silver-Plated
  • 1 Semi-hard Backpack Style Professional Carrying Case
  • 1 Neck strap
  • 1 AS-4 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
  • 1 Rico Reed #2.5
  • 1 Rico H Ligature & Cap
  • 1 Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 Cork Grease

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Perfect Intonation
& Comfortable Keywork

Dress to impress

Beauty in the Details

Professional Setup

Easier/Faster Transitions

We've made improvements to the shapes of a number of different keys, so you can run those fast passages with less effort.

Right-hand Low Eb/C

Left-hand Spatula Keys

Recessed Octave Key

Stunning, any way you look at it...

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Awesome instrument, great Value

Purchased this Sax for my BF as he started taking lessons. Says it’s great to play and durable.

James L.
Jean Paul does it Again!

My third sax from JeanPaul, the AS-860 hits all the bases and rounds home plate with quality, tone, and value, at a price point half of most of it’s competitors. I already have owned and played their less expensive alto and tenor for over a year and was excited to hear about the new Pro model. After reading the rave online review I decided to bite the bullet and order their new offering, the AS860. It has proved to be everything I had hoped for in an alto sax, especially at the low price point. Their personal service and prompt shipping just puts the icing on the cake.

Julie A.
Pleased with our purchase

We bought the Pro Alto Sax which included the upgraded mouthpiece during the Thanksgiving weekend promotion. Our kids have been playing both tenors and altos for 12 years in Elementary, High School, & Collegiate marching bands, concert bands and jazz bands. We had never purchased the instruments since the rentals from our schools were usually higher quality Selmers and Yamahas. We just weren’t willing to pay the price for a new instrument, when we couldn’t be sure the kids would continue to play. It was a big decision for us to purchase this pro alto sax. Shortly after receiving this instrument for Christmas, our son went to practice his music. When we heard the tunes we all stopped what were doing and listened. We couldn’t believe how well the music sounded. We waited until he finished and he came down the hall just beaming!! We were afraid to ask which instrument he was playing! He was proudly holding this beautiful saxophone and asked if we had heard the music. Obviously he was thrilled with the new sax. We don’t play the saxophone ourselves, we are “fans in the stands” and appreciate the music the kids play. We could definitely tell the difference in the tones and notes we heard compared to the school instrument he had been using. We are pleased with our purchase and, from previous experience with a Jean-Paul Trumpet, we believe that this company will handle any customer service issues that may arise. As a marching band student, we are concerned with the soft-sided case. Still considering the school rental instrument during MB season to avoid damage to this saxophone. Will have to see how it goes.

Jeffrey M.
Amazing quality and value

TL;DR - high quality instrument and a low price. Sounds too good to be true? I was worried about that, but it's not - it's more like buying a Japanese car in the 1970s - high quality, and priced to compete and get a foothold in the market. Jean Paul really care about their customers and provide a pro quality instrument at the price of a student instrument from big name companies like Yamaha.

The long-winded story of a closet sax player (well the sax had to sit in the closet for a long time anyway):
After a 20 year lay-off from sax playing (with adventures in guitar and piano in the meantime), I finally was able to get back to my favorite instrument (without annoying the neighbors too much). I dug my sax out of the closet (that I purchased for $50 from a pawn shop back in 1990) and struggled. I didn't want to be the bad worker who blames the tool, so I persevered for a month, but decided it was time to get something where I had no excuses and would know if it was me not the poor condition of the instrument.

I scoured the Internut and read bazillions of reviews, etc. I was leaning towards a Yamaha, but then discovered the reviews of the AS-400. I didn't really want to get something I would want to replace in a few years, as I knew I would be playing long term (I played for a good 10+ years before I had to stop, and only stopped because my living situation made practice next to impossible), so the AS-860 looked to be a great option, especially as the price is similar to a Yamaha student model. Unfortunately there are very few reviews of this wonderful instrument out there, but those I did find (especially the video by Wally Wallace) were enough to convince me to take a gamble (not much of one given the money back guarantee).

I'm so glad I purchased this fabulous alto sax. I can't really draw comparisons with other instruments as the only other sax I have owned was the $50 clunker from a pawn shop, but I find playing this a dream - I never realized what a clunker my previous sax was until I had spent some time playing this. The service is also tremendous - I bet Yamaha doesn't call you on the phone just to see how things are going with your new sax!

John W.
First Impression, Second Jean Paul

I am 64 years old and started practicing the saxophone during the pandemic restrictions in 2020. I originally purchased the AS-400 (Silver) from Jean Paul approximately 1 year ago. I had used a rental sax from a local music store and realized how bad of an instrument the rental was as soon as blew my first note on my AS-400. I had to have the cork replaced on the neck of the AS-400 after about 10 months of use, other than that one of the screws fell out of the low D key roller. I repaired this myself. However, I immediately realized I needed to have a back up saxophone since I was taking my practicing pretty seriously. Just in case you have not realized it, I absolutely love my AS-400 silver edition. It sounds absolutely beautiful. It is a gorgeous instrument and the workmanship is apparent in every aspect of the instrument.

Anyhow, I went to the music store with the intent of purchasing a Yamaha professional alto sax. However, after playing the new Yamaha instrument for approximately 30 minutes, I realized I actually enjoyed playing my AS-400 a lot more and considering the Yamaha was approximately $2500 more than my $699 Jean Paul there was no way I was going to purchase it. I had seen the review of the AS-860 by Dr. Wally on youtube. The fact that he was doing the review without any obligation or commitment to Jean Paul was important to me as well as his perspective as a professional and accomplished musician. I took a second chance with Jean Paul and ordered the AS-860. I received it in mid October 2021 and I can honestly say, "I love the instrument." In fact, my teacher is now searching the Jean Paul music site in order to order herself an instrument from Jean Paul. I have had one performance so far and I am in the process of preparing for a holiday concert (for my wife). The quality of the AS-860 is nothing to be reckoned with. It is meticulous in every detail of quality. Even though Dr. Wally mentioned the rough edges around the bell of the instrument he reviewed, I had none. I do like my JP AS-400 case more than the JP AS-860 case, however I don't play the case and I am not traveling at this point with my instrument. Therefore I am fine. In addition. I immediately noticed the extra bells and whistles on the AS-860. The instrument is a professional grade instrument and I have literally almost put down my AS-400 completely, since I enjoy playing the AS-860 so much. You did a great job.

There is one last issue I would like to mention, however it does not affect the playing of the instrument at this time. On the neck of the instrument, near where it slides into the body of the horn, the gold coloring is changing (see photos below). It started with what appeared to be almost a tear drop sized discoloration but is growing around the entire bottom of the neck. If this continues I will be requesting a new neck for the instrument. This is the only issue I have experience so far with the AS-860.

Keep up the good work and I may be purchasing a tenor sax later.

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